Pastoral Council

Our parish pastoral council meets on the first Tuesday in the months of September, November, January, March, and May. Meetings begin at 6:00 PM in Classroom 1. The meetings are open to all parishioners who wish to attend. ***Pastoral Council Minutes are at the bottom of this page.***


2017/2018 Pastoral Council Members

Vince Dodge, Chair                      365-2145

Julie Hogan, Secretary                 365-3183

Polly Anderson                            235-7548

Sheri Dochat                               365-2965

Joseph Kucera                            701-610-3778                  

Heidi Vanderbeek                         763-257-2405

Ruth Lah                                      235-9691


A Parish Pastoral Council over which the pastor presides is made up of Christian Faithful who will help him in fostering pastoral activity (see Canon 536). Pastors are generally free to set up and administer pastoral councils as best befits the local situation. However, the following points should be respected

 The purpose of a Pastoral Council is

  1. to establish pastoral priorities and goals;
  2. to develop and implement pastoral programs;
  3. to improve pastoral service and outreach;
  4. to evaluate effectiveness of pastoral activities.

 It is the responsibility of a Pastoral Council

  1. to evaluate the parish in terms of the Gospel and the teachings of the church;
  2. to research the needs and desires of the parishioners;
  3. to cooperate with the pastor in the area of pastoral activities (see generally Canons 528-529);
  4. to enable parishioners to use their time and talents in accomplishing their Christian mission.

                                                   (Excerpt from the St. Anthony's Parish Pastoral Council Constitution)

May 2017 Minutes

February 2017 Minutes

November 2016 

September 2016 Minutes