Sunday Night Faith & Fellowship


Do you find it easy to pray? Is prayer an integral part of your day? Do you hear God’s voice in your daily life, and know how to respond accordingly?

For many of us, the answer to these questions is, “no.” We all desire an intimate relationship with God. But, since learning to “say our prayers” as children, we never moved beyond rote recitation to an authentic conversation with God.

On Sunday, February 18, Sunday Night Faith & Fellowship will begin Oremus: A Guide to Catholic Prayer at 6:00 pm in Classroom 4. We will have a registration day in the gathering space the weekend of February 10/11. Books for the study will be $5; if you are unable to pay, the parish will cover the cost. Please consider joining us on Sunday evenings for a time of prayer, reflection, and socializing with our parish family!

***For more information on the Oremus program, please visit Ascension Press for more details on the study.