Finance Council



Our parish finance council meets on the second Tuesday in the months of September, November, March, and May. Meetings begin at 7:00 PM in Classroom 1. The meetings are open to all parishioners who wish to attend. ***Finance Council Minutes are at the bottom of this page.***


2020/2021 Finance Council Members

Steve Smrekar                             365-5439

Ron Svatos                                  365-6734

Al Forsman                                  365-0896

Paulette Gilbert,Secretary           365-3601

Ron Forsman                               365-3185

Ann Spangler                               235-1292


A Parish Finance Council is established in order to assist a pastor in the administration of the temporal aspects of parish life, including:

a. to establish a chart of accounts based on the Diocesan Chart of Accounts;

b. to prepare an annual budget and financial report;

c. to give advice on investment policies;

d. to assist with long-range financial planning;

e. to direct stewardship programs;

f. to establish salaries and benefits for employees;

g. to evaluate the status and condition of parish properties.

                                                                 (Diocese of Duluth Parish Administration Procedure Manual, Section 1-11-14)

February 2021 Minutes

August 2020 Minutes

May 2020 Minutes

March 2020 Minutes

November 2019 Minutes

September 2019 Minutes

2018-2019 Income & Expense Report

August 2019 Minutes

May 2019 Minutes

March 2019 Minutes

September 2018 Minutes



***Please note that minutes are not posted until approved at the next meeting.***