To foster and grow our parish family fellowship, St. Anthony’s now has a monthly breakfast as a collaborative effort between parishioners, parish groups, St. Anthony’s Youth, and community organizations! We will be hosting breakfasts after Sunday Mass on the fourth Sunday of each month – there is a new and delicious menu each month. All breakfasts are for free-will offerings that are donated to a different cause chosen by the group that hosts.

We invite any parish group, community group you are involved in, your family or group of friends, or whomever to plan and serve a breakfast for the benefit of a cause you support (subject to pastor approval). Breakfasts have been hosted by Council of Catholic Women, St. Anthony’s Youth, Elementary Faith Formation families, Northern Lights Clubhouse, and more. Do not worry about the work load – we can always help find more volunteers if you need them! If this is something you would like to do, contact Stefanie in the parish office to find a month that will work for you.

2020 Breakfasts will be hosted by/free-will offering go to...

February 2020: Elementary Faith Formation

March 2020: Catholic Care Facilitator Fund - Cancelled

April 2020: Evangelization Retreat Weekend - Cancelled

May 2020: St. Anthony & St. Pius X Youth

June 2020: Northern Lights Clubhouse

July 2020: Real Presence Radio 106.7 FM

August 2020: Council of Catholic Women