Catholic Care Facilitator


"Give something, however small, to someone in need. For it is not small to one who has nothing. Neither is it small to God, if we have given what we could." - St. Gregory Nazianzen

Many people in our parish and Ely community are in need of assistance on personal and practical levels, which is something we as a parish felt called to help with. We created the position of a Catholic Care Facilitator to work with the Ely area Care Facilitators in helping those in need manage life more easily while leading them closer to Christ. The focus of our CCF is our parishioners in need, but she also works with those in the community. 

Heidi began her ministry in December of 2018, hit the road running, and she hasn't stopped ever since! She helps people navigate insurance and social services; coordinate transportation; assisted in making homes more comfortable, safe, and accessible; helps with pet care for those injured or hospitalized; helps find assisted living for those in need; cleaning or laundry assistance; simply visiting those who want company, prayer, and friendship.

Heidi has a large group of parishioners using their charisms to help those in need and is always looking for others who would like to assist in this ministry! If you feel the call to help others by practicing the Works of Mercy as Christ asks us to, please contact her via email or calling the parish office. If you know of someone in need and aren't quite sure how to provide it, let Heidi know! 

Heidi Vanderbeek, CHW, Catholic Care Facilitator       heidi[email protected]          (218) 365-4017  ext. 105