Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation for PreK to Senior High

It is with great excitement that we are preparing for the Faith Formation year ahead, despite the challenging events we are experiencing in our community and world. We are looking forward to the ways that Jesus wants to encounter all of us this year and will invite use to grow deeper in our faith and relationships with Him, even if our fellowship and learning must happen from home!

Please see the below brochure for information on each area of Faith Formation that will be offered this year, including Family Events, Pre K-5th grade, 6th-11th grade, First Sacraments, and Confirmation!  If you haven’t been registered in the last few years (or longer), it’s never too late to start back up (or for the first time).  You and your family are always welcome!

To register, please return the below registration form to the parish office or email a copy to Amanda by September 14th.

Due to Covid restrictions and guidelines, our family kickoff night will be done a bit differently than in years past.  Upon receiving registration forms, appointments will be arranged for families to meet individually with Amanda to discuss expectations, important dates, and receive paperwork for the scope of the year.  These meetings will be scheduled for the week of September 28th- October 2nd and will be conducted either in person or virtually via Zoom Meetings, according to the family’s preference.   Masks will be required for all in person meetings.

A schedule for the year is available below.  You will receive a calendar of this schedule upon meeting with Amanda.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to a new and exciting learning experience to delve into the faith with the year ahead!

Faith Formation Registration Form 20-21

Faith Formation 20-21 Brochure

Faith Formation 20-21 Calendar

Faith Formation Registration Meeting Sign-up Form