Little Flowers Girls' Club

A Fun, Flexible, Faith-filled Catholic Club for Girls!

Little Flowers Girls’ Club® is a Catholic club for girls ages 5 and up that teaches virtues through scripture, saints’ biographies and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Based on the 1906 Catholic classic The Catholic Girls’ Guide by Fr. F.X. Lasance, and the spirituality of St. Thérése, the Little Flower of Liseux, this beautiful, authentically Catholic program, has delighted and instilled in our girls a love of our Catholic Faith for over 25 years.

Little Flowers Girls’ Club® program consists of four years of study: Wreaths IIIIII and IV. Each Wreath consists of nine virtues. The program is so adaptable that it can be used with multiple age groups or just one grade at a time. Like a scouting program, girls earn badges for the virtues they have practiced, life skills they have learned. But unlike most scouting organizations, the girls learn and earn their badges through a distinctly Catholic lens. This Catholic to the Core program relies on the stories of the saints, Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

St. Anthony's is happy to host a Little Flowers Club in our classrooms every three weeks led by our parishioner, Jessie Dunn, for girls in grades K-5. The 2019-2020 schedule is below - consider joining us with your elementary-age daughter to learn about the Faith, Virtues, earn badges, and have fun! We also help out with different parish events throughout the year.