Pro-Life Ministry


Human life begins at conception and continues to natural death, and life is a gift that needs to be protected. We understand that not everything goes to plan, and that following God’s will can be really difficult. We reach out to people who are in crisis moments of pregnancy, and we seek to support those who have these difficult decisions to make. We provide care and assistance to those who are sick, injured, terminally ill, or otherwise in need. We want everyone to know that there is help available at St. Anthony's and that no one is alone.

Throughout the year we take part in many pro-life ministries in the area and throughout the Diocese of Duluth. Our parish and many parish groups are in constant support of the Women's Care Center, Northland Family Programs, the Star of the North Maternity Home, and many other organizations and resources that aid in assisting families, children, and elderly who are in need in some way. 

If you would like to be involved in our pro-life ministries, please contact Deacon Rick or Diana at (218) 365-6249 or [email protected]